Scientific Anglers Fly Lines and Fly Fishing Lines

Sharkskin Series

With cutting-edge angling technology that is revolutionizing the sport, the Sharkskin Series provides the ultimate casting experience. Sharkskin allows you to cast further with less effort and with less line tangling--elevating your fly fishing experience to a whole new level. Featuring proprietary microreplication technology, Sharkskin is a radical modification of typically smooth-surfaced fly lines. Its micro textured surface traps air to provide superior shootability and floatation while eliminating line flash and vastly reducing friction. All of this comes with the added benefit of increased durability allowing the line to last up to twice as long. Due to its increased surface area, Sharkskin lines sit higher in the water offering less drag, easier mending, roll casting, pick-ups and less water spray. The floating lines in this series also feature proprietary AST and Dry Tip technologies.


Mastery Series

The Mastery Series provides advanced taper designs for improved shootability and casting for all weather conditions--setting the standard for fly lines world wide. The superior PVC coatings allow for casting and temperature specific line designs. Specialty cores create both supple and stiff lines making them the ideal choice for fly fishing wherever you want to fish, from Colorado to the Caribbean.


Supra Series

The Supra Series leverages and combines technologies from our well-known Supreme lines to provide a versatile experience. This series is optimized for most weather conditions and features Streamlined Loop and patented AST technologies. The Supra Series carries time tested tapers that many pros consider to be their "go to" lines.


Professional Series

With optimal line density for improved floatation, the Professional Series provides great taper designs for multiple purposes and most weather conditions. Its well-recognized and proven performance make this series an exceptional value and popular choice among anglers.


Air Cel Series

More than 50 years ago, Scientific Anglers invented the modern floating fly line with the Air Cel Series and since then anglers continue to rely on its consistent performance and great value. With species specific lines including: Trout, Panfish, Bass and Saltwater the series makes it simple for anyone to choose the right fly line.