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    Meet the SharkWave, the world’s first Triple-Textured and Triple-Colored fly line. Featuring Sharkskin texture on the tip section, Mastery Textured divots for the belly and running line, a smooth Tactile Reference Point at the AFTMA 30-foot mark, SA•ID line identification, AST dry slick technology, Improved Dry Tip technology, and Streamlined Loops, the SharkWave is unlike any fly line we’ve ever produced. It’s fishing. Friction-free.
  • Frequency
    We are proud to introduce the new Frequency family of lines: the Trout taper, built for precise presentations; the Boost, a half-size heavy taper for handling bigger dries, nymphs, and streamers; the Magnum, an even more powerful line for the largest streamers and poppers; along with the Sink-Tip, Full Sink, and Intermediate lines for all your sub-surface needs. Try them once and you’ll come back again. And again.
  • Mastery Textured
    Our Mastery Textured lines are a fusion between our exclusive Sharkskin series and our Mastery smooth lines. We've created a softer surface texture for less casting effort, very little memory, and increased durability while still maintaining the feel of a smooth line. Mastery Textured offers the best of both worlds.
  • Mastery Banner
    Tried and true, this series provides advanced taper designs for any and every fishing situation imaginable.
  • Spey Lines
    We have a taper that covers just about any fishing situation you may encounter with a two-handed rod. Dredging a heavy sink tip? No problem, our Skagit Heads can handle it. Need a Scandi Head for your switch rod? Got that one too. Tend to prefer touch and go casts - yup, covered it. Not only do we have tapers that cover just about any situation you might find here in the US, we've expanded our offering to handle anything you may find Worldwide.
  • Sharkskin
    More than 50 years ago, SA invented the modern floating fly line with the Air Cel Series and since then anglers continue to rely on it consistent performance and great value.

SA Technologies


Advanced Shooting Technology (AST)


Our patented dry slick technology sets the standards for slickness, and AST provides continual line slickness allowing the line to shoot farther as it moves virtually friction-free through the guides. 



Improved Dry Tip Technology


As if our original Dry Tip Technology wasn’t already good enough. Our team of lab engineers set out to find a formula for the HIGHEST floating, fly line tip section on the market today.



Mastery TexturedMastery Textured


Mastery Textured Series fly lines represent a fusion of out traditional Mastery series and our Sharkskin series. Precisely replicated hemispherical divots, similar to those found on a golf ball’s surface, allow the line to outperform conventional fly lines. 





These proprietary microscopic glass bubbles are added to the coatings of all Scientific Anglers floating fly lines to optimize line floatation by effectively trapping air inside the core and to provide precise control over the density of each line.



SAIDScientific Anglers Line Identification (SA•ID)


As a result of our lab's mission to continually improve our lines, we bring you SA ID. SA ID is an innovative line marking system allowing you to identify your lines at a glance. Wonder if a shooting head is 200 grain or a 300? Just look at the SA ID.





With cutting-edge angling technology that is revolutionizing the sport, the Sharkskin Series provides the ultimate casting experience.  Sharkskin allows you to cast further with less effort and with less line tangling—elevating your fly-fishing experience to a whole new level.



Streamlined Loops


Exceptionally slick and strong, our welded Streamlined Loops produce smoother casts and easier turnover with a seamless fly-line-to-loop transition making for softer landings and cleaner pickups.


Tropi-Core™ Technology


Tropical environments are not only taxing on the angler but can also be taxing on a fly line.  While too much heat can cause other lines to wilt, lines with Tropi-Core™ technology can withstand the hottest boat decks and warmest water environments.  



TRP (Tactial Reference Point)


Tactial Reference Pont is a non embossed section at the AFTMA 30 foot mark. Allowing you to feel and hear the transition from our textured technologies.



Choosing the right fly line


These days, there is a fly line specifically tailored for the most unique application. Choosing a fly line may at times seem overwhelming. However, following a few basic principles can simplify the process greatly and get us all back to what’s most important – the fishing. Click here to download the pdf.



Taper Diagrams


A fly line has more influence on your cast than any other piece of equipment in your arsenal. That's why choosing the right fly line should not be taken lightly. It can, however, be confusing. We've created a taper chart to simplify the process. Within the chart, you'll find the optimum temperature use, taper specs, and "bottom-line" benefit of each line is highlighted. Print out the charts, use them as a guide.

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